The procedures involved

How should one proceed once these conditions have been satisfied?

If your project has been accepted, you will contact your research director to establish the conditions of collaboration during your PhD program.

Two types of enrolment are necessary for your first year in the PhD program:

– Pedagogical enrolment:

You must compile a pedagogical file, after having obtained the agreement of your thesis director and the approval of the director of ELICO, the PhD supervisor and the head of the Doctoral School EPIC. This document is the prerequisite for your administrative enrolment.

– Administrative enrolment

Administrative enrolment is carried out with one of the universities of Lyon, depending on the choice made by your thesis supervisor.

The enrolment must be renewed at the beginning each academic year. The normal duration of a PhD program is three years. Each year, the student must provide a progress report on their PhD work, signed by ELICO’s college of thesis supervisors. Enrolments for a fourth and fifth year can only be considered on an exceptional basis and must be subject to a demand with a detailed justification for dispensation to the laboratory and the doctoral school, EPIC.

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– Joint PhD programs:

You can also pursue your PhD program under joint supervision. This procedure allows students to perform their research work under the responsibility of two thesis supervisors: one in France and the other in a foreign country (in Europe or elsewhere). The joint program must be signed during the first year of the PhD course. The PhD program leads to a defence of the resulting thesis in one of the two countries and permits awarding two degrees: a PhD degree from the University of Lyon and an equivalent degree (PhD) from the university in the other country.

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