ELICO is the information and communication sciences research laboratory of Lyon.

It mostly groups teacher-researchers assigned to section 71 of the CNU of the higher education establishments of Lyon and Saint-Etienne, within the perimeter of the University of Lyon. It has been given the label of “host team” by the Ministry of Education. In this capacity, it welcomes PhD students wishing to write a thesis on the discipline.

The laboratory’s priority research themes are:
– the media: the analysis of discourses and perceptions, the analysis of associated production practices;
– digital libraries: uses, analysis and design of systems, socioeconomic analysis.

The laboratory’s competences are linked to the teacher-researchers that compose it and the large number of courses at the University of Lyon (from BSc to MSc level, in specialised professional sectors and research).

I am happy to welcome you to this site on behalf of ELICO’s teacher-researchers, and hope it will allow you to discover our research activities.