Doctoral school & associations

The institution: the doctoral school, EPIC

EPIC (ED 485), the Doctoral School of Education, Psychology, Information and Communication, History, Epistemology and the Philosophy of science, techniques and technologies (EPIC), is a body run jointly by the University Lumière Lyon 2, the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, the University Jean Monnet of Saint-Etienne and the ENS Letters & Human Sciences. Its objective is to provide a framework of education for and through research in the three disciplinary sectors that it brings together.

EPIC relies on the activities of 8 reputed research centres (5 EA, 3 UMR), grouping the scientific potential and international networks concerned of the Universities of Lyon 1, Lyon 2, Lyon 3, Saint-Etienne and the ENS-LSH. It includes about 400 PhD students (number for 2006-2007), teams, programs and research directors capable of supervising the work of PhD students and preparing for their future under the best conditions.


The networks: the associations

–  The association ALEC- SIC

The “Lyonnais association of student-researchers in Information and Communication Sciences”. It gathers students taking Research Masters degrees and ICS PhD degrees, and aims at developing a dynamic terrain for research.

ALEC-SIC also produces a bi-monthly review, a digital publication available on

–  TheCJC, Confederation of young researchers

It groups about forty associations of PhD students and post-doctoral students, involved voluntarily in gaining recognition for PhD status as a professional experience. Its expertise in PhD matters has made it a privileged partner of the public authorities and it is represented in particular at CNESER (National Council of Higher Education and Research). At European level it participates in reflection on PhD programs and young researchers through the EURODOC association, of which it is a founder member.

–  ANDES, National Association of PhDs

ANDES is a national association of PhDs that brings together PhDs of all disciplines whatever their age or professional status and whether they live in France or abroad.

It is an interesting address for future PhDs who seek to understand how research, its network and funding work.