Acceptance criteria: what conditions have to be fulfilled?

To submit your application to take a PhD course, you must satisfy one of the two following conditions:

– You have defended your Master’s dissertation in Information and Communication Science and received the grade of magna cum laude in a French or foreign university.
If this university is foreign, your degree must be recognised as equivalent to a French Master 2.

– If you Master’s was defended in a discipline other than HSS (Human and Social Sciences) you must have attended Information and Communication courses during your university education, or have worked as a professional in these domains to be able to apply.

Once you have passed this step, you must propose a subject of research that you will have chosen previously or after having learned of the laboratory’s research themes. You can consult the list of possible thesis directors which can be accessed on the ELICO website in order to orient your choice of subject.

You can then contact one of the thesis directors in order to submit your thesis project to them. Those applicants that have not followed the ICS Research Master at Lyon must enclose a CV, the record of the grades obtained during their Master’s studies, and a letter of recommendation from their Master’s dissertation supervisor.

The aptitude of the applicant to accomplish their research project is evaluated by ELICO’s college of thesis supervisors (HdR) on the basis of their project approved by the thesis director and the laboratory director. If approved, the file is then evaluated by the scientific committee of the doctoral school (EPIC) which takes the final decision to enrol the applicant in the PhD program.